Puricare Potable Water Plants

Puricare International offers affordable water purification and sterilisation plants & processes that are cost-effective and environmental friendly. We stay on top with the latest research in order to render water of outstanding drinking quality. We also design and manufacture packaged water purification plants that can be skid & truck mounted or containerised.

Some advantages of Puricare International's water purification process:

  • No continuous addition of costly chemicals is necessary, thus no harmful chlorinated disinfection by-products are formed.
  • Excess heavy metals in the water, especially iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn), are effectively removed.
  • A wide range of pathogens in the water affecting public health, such as E.coli, Vibrio cholerae and Shigella flexneri are eliminated.
  • Treated water can be expected to be cleaner, clearer, odourless and oxygen enriched.
  • Our plants are durable, easy to operate and cost-effective to maintain.

 For more information please enquire at info@puricare.co.za