LivingWater shapes the NextNormal   22 April 2020

After more than a decade of hands-on environmental engineering, the urgency and complexity of the climate crisis combined with the fallout of COVID-19 has prompted a transformation at Puricare. 

 Up to this point, we carefully and consistently followed the results in order to build a proven, affordable technology that unleashes the power of LivingWater to build food security through climate smart, regenerative agriculture. 

We have seen how focused, coordinated efforts to address a global threat can have immense positive impact – in particular when we heed early warnings, plus scale innovative solutions and make them accessible.  

These are valuable lessons for when we rebuild our economies in the aftermath of the pandemic.  

Puricare is leaning into the NextNormal by evolving into a global water treatment research and development company to increase our reach and application.

Our new goals are: 

  • Enable water efficiency in agriculture and ecosystem restoration  
  • Enhance global food security through building regenerative agriculture and climate-smart production systems
  • Accelerate ecosystem restoration 
  • Support efficient water infrastructure 
  • Facilitate widespread uptake and ongoing support of a proven solution and knowledge base via a digital platform (App).

 Join us in rolling out solutions for the NextNormal. Watch this space...