Puricare South Africa

Puricare is a well-established South African Water Treatment Company that offers ecologically sound and affordable methods for the specialised treatment of agricultural irrigation water. Our vision supports the global drive to use technologically advanced environmentally friendly solutions for sustainable agricultural food production. 

We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of customised and cost-effective water treatment units for agricultural irrigation water using our own proprietary Puricare Advanced Oxidation Process (P-AOP). Puricare’s agricultural portfolio contains an extensive database of scientific research material, practical technical documents, case studies and publications. 

Our innovative water treatment technology improves irrigation water quality, keeps the irrigation system clean and is environmentally friendly. The benefits of the P-AOP treated water are then transferred to the soil, resulting in reduced soil compaction and improved root development – a world’s first.

Our head office and manufacturing plant is based in George, South Africa. Puricare’s experienced management, staff and agents are able to combine our cutting-edge technology with outstanding service to meet and exceed the needs of our clients. Puricare’s proven track record on farms in South Africa and abroad speaks for itself. Our ground-breaking technological advances over the past few years in agricultural irrigation water treatment, has made Puricare the preferred water treatment solution for many local and international farmers. 

Restoring planetary health is essential to securing our ability to thrive in the immediate future. In recognition of the urgency of this work, Puricare is evolving in order to fast track its positive impact on water quality, soil health and ecosystem restoration.

For more information please enquire at info@puricare.co.za